The spirit of an Italian family-run business

We have always pursued an ideal of beauty, health and culture of well-being as a source of energy and creativity.

Every family business is, by definition, characterized by the personality of the people who run it.
All production chain relationships are conditioned by this modus vivendi.
The imprint given to BIOLINE by the Corradini family is the result of multiple factors: the nature of the family’s origins, geographical location, culture of well-being that make it unique and one-of-a-kind.
This is why Bioline represents a small treasure to be cherished and develop, with that absolute commitment that only those who have it in their DNA can display.
JATÒ means precisely that: the acronym of the sons’ names, Jacopo and Tommaso, finds room in the logo, promising that continuity of traditions and values that have made it possible for a small company located in the Trento region to find itself at the top of the international professional beauty sector.