professional body beauty treatment

cosmetic treatment

Advanced cosmetic programme for imperfections caused by soft cellulite*. Through a cosmetic synergy, it helps the skin become firmer and suppler.

The heart of the formula consists of three brand new plant complexes that interact with each other in a beneficial cosmetic sublimating synergy:

• A pool of cosmetic active ingredients with tonic-astringent cosmetic action (Centella Asiatica, Medlar and Walnut).
• A USL Complex, a cosmetic complex of Yellow Poppy, Coffee and Microalgae that works on blemishes caused by celullite*.
• A cosmetic synergy of Centella asiatica and Hematite provides firmness to tissues.

recommended for:
skin with an excess of fluids and loss of tone.

Operating Schemes A-B-C or DTM Massage

* Blemishes caused by cellulite