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A Beautiful Secret

Bioline Jatò is synonymous with quality, research and professionalism.

These are the founding values of a company that – for 40 years – has been merging constant scientific research into its products with a consolidated method able to optimize outcomes and guarantee results. The application of formulas and special procedures for professional cosmetics is the mission of a company that was built up around the intuition of its founder and the dedication of her family. Quality, scientific rigor and passion for the world of beauty are the secrets to the success of this brand that has won over beauty professionals all over the world.

Woman, research, training and education

A Beautiful Secret


Beauty is also a question of character, as Bioline Jatò women know. Modern, strong and multifaceted, they are women who know how to choose their own path and plan original routes, without forgetting about a hint of irony.


The Bioline Jatò attitude
behind its women

Ricerca e formazione - Bioline Jatò


By working with biologists, pharmacists, chemists, cosmetologists and professionals within the sector, Bioline Jatò develops effective, safe and refined and beauty formulas, based on the use of natural active ingredients, combined with the most advanced biotechnologies.


The invisible science
behind the beauty

Ricerca e formazione - Bioline Jatò

Training and Education

Expert hands release the potential of the products, enhancing the quality of the exclusive formulations that combine natural active ingredients with highly-advanced cosmetic biotechnologies to get immediate and long-lasting beauty and wellbeing results.

Training and Education

The Bioline Jatò expertise
behind its products

Ricerca e formazione - Bioline Jatò

The founder

A woman’s intuition

Bioline Jatò was founded in 1979 in Trento thanks to the intuition, the passion and the determination of Clara Macchiella Corradini. Her entrepreneurial adventure began in the early ‘70s, when Clara opened a professional training school, to which she added later on the academy of specialization named SEA - Superior ExpertBeauty Academy that avails itself of the ISO9001 certified Quality System. Based on the value of knowledge, training, education and scientific research, she also founded Bioline Jatò.

“Making your dreams come true always takes courage: it is only with strong determination and real passion for what you do that you can reach the objectives that you have set for yourself”. Clara Macchiella Corradini

Clara Macchiella Corradini - Bioline Jatò

At the cutting-edge since 1979

It is a story of constant research and innovation to provide solutions that are always cutting-edge

From the alpha-hydroxy acids in its first apple-based cream to AGL Dipeptide and the more recent DE-OX C Evolution, by way of retinol, caviar and the most advanced forms of peptides, the Bioline Jatò laboratories have been able to respond in an extremely efficient manner to the desires of increasingly demanding customers when it comes to beauty and wellbeing.

  • Bioline produce la prima crema alla mela


    With its first apple-based cream, Bioline anticipates the use of fruit acids (alpha-hydroxy acids) in cosmetics. In a pioneering move, it also begins to use hyaluronic acid, phospholipids, DNA and RNA in their purest and most concentrated forms to preserve the youthfulness of the skin.

  • Bioline sviluppa tecniche di massaggio funzionale


    It begins to develop a work method consisting of exclusive application protocols and functional massage techniques that are based on alternating and diversifying the products and treatments.

  • Bioline entra nel mercato internazionaleBioline entra nel mercato internazionale


    Bioline looks to the international market, exporting its idea of beauty to the world.

  • L'evoluzione del marchio in Bioline Jatò


    The evolution of the Bioline brand to Bioline Jatò – from the initials of her sons’ names, Jacopo and Tommaso – establishes the contribution of the second generation to the entrepreneurial project of the Corradini family.

  • Bioline Jatò lancia sul mercato l'acido glicolico


    Bioline Jatò is one of the first companies to launch glycolic acid on the market, effectively combining it with other alpha-hydroxy acids to achieve an exfoliating and renewing cosmetic result.

  • Bioline Jatò introduce ciclodestrine e gammasomi


    It introduces cyclodextrins and gammasomes, the development of the first cosmetic release systems, to enhance the skin absorption of the active ingredients.

  • Bioline Jatò è il primo a combinare il retinolo con il caviale


    It is amongst the first in the professional sector to identify an extraordinary alliance against skin aging when pairing retinol (vitamin A) with caviar.

  • Bioline Jatò anticipa l'utilizzo delle forme più evolute di peptidi


    It anticipates the use of the most evolved forms of peptides in the cosmetics market to prevent, stimulate and repair skin that is showing signs of aging.

  • Nasce la figura professionale Bioline Jatò Beauty Expert


    The Bioline Jatò training courses, with its exclusive massage techniques and application protocols, are guaranteed by the ISO9001 certified Quality System. That same year, the Bioline Jatò Beauty Expert professional figure is born.

  • Bioline Jatò introduce il concetto di prevenzione dell'invecchiamento cutaneo


    The concept of preventing skin aging was introduced, with a line able to restore the natural balance of the essential elements needed for the skin.

  • Bioline Jatò inizia a usare 3C Vitamin Pool e AGL Dipeptide


    3C Vitamin Pool and AGL Dipeptide, innovations to counteract the effect of oxidation and glycation.

  • 2017

    Cell-Reverse Seaweed, Liporeducer Complex and Pro-elasticity Complex: Bioline Jatò laboratories develop complexes that counteract body imperfections.

  • 2018

    It introduces the Biomimetic Technology, a specific answer for hypersensitivity. It is the combination of two biomimetic peptides that, for their high level of purity and efficacy, make the skin more tolerant and resistant.

  • Bioline Jatò Proceutic


    Proceutic is born, an innovative cosmetics with results that go above those of traditional aesthetics: two systems, The Agebiotic System and The Purity System, for deep wrinkles and dark spots and impure skin with breakouts.

  • 2020

    Multi-action formulas containing precious minerals ensure effective solutions for the main blemishes on men’s skin.


The spirit of an Italian
family business

The involvement of her husband, Marco Corradini, and their sons, Jacopo and Tommaso, transformed that which began as a personal adventure into an established international company capable of competing with the biggest professional cosmetics brands. With one mission: taking care of the beauty of men and women all over the world, with a touch of elegance and style that is so quintessentially Italian.

Clara, the founder, together with her husband Marco and their sons Jacopo and Tommaso, from whose names the acronym Jatò.

La famiglia Corradini - Bioline Jatò

1979 - 2019

Bioline Jatò’s
40th Anniversary

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