Pura+ - Bioline Jatò

Treatment Pura+

Regain the purity of the skin


with Face Beauty Experience and Caresse Massage | 60 min

Precious vegetable-based active ingredients with a balancing and purifying effect applied with caring manoeuvres, take care of the impure and oily skin, leaving it purified, matt and uniform. A skin that shines of a new beauty.

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  • 01

    Phase 1

    Concentrated effectiveness reducing the look of the typical skin blemishes of greasy and impure skin, for an intense normalizing and opacifying action.

  • 02

    Phase 2

    Shaping action with a wellbeing effect on face, neck and décolleté.

  • 03

    Phase 3

    Final phase with a normalizing action in order to give a bright and even look to the skin.


Products to be used at home to continue treatment