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Man – Mineral Skincare

Discover the multifunctional effectiveness of the new Man line. Multi-purpose products that carry out several actions simultaneously, for reliable aids to men’s daily beauty routine.
Innovative formulas, based on precious minerals, meet the main needs of men’s skin: skin aging and stress, shaving irritation and sensitivity, excess sebum and impurities.
Even in the salon, the renewing and purifying Mineral Age treatment, in synergy with the exclusive Bioline Jatò® System, has been especially designed for men. A brief pause from the madness of modern life that offers visible, long-lasting results.

NEWS - 31 JULY 2020

Traveling, weekend getaways or days spent at the pool? The new Travel Kits by Bioline Jatò are the perfect solution to cleanse, hydrate, protect and nourish the skin while away from home!

Are you looking for both efficient and handy skincare products to take with you? The new Bioline Jatò Travel Kits suit all skin needs: PRIMALUCE EXFORADIANCE to cleanse and restore, AQUA+ to hydrate, DOLCE+ to protect and VITA+ to nourish it. Ideal to pop into your suitcase for a beach or mountain holiday, for a weekend getaway, and for a regenerating day at the pool too!

NEWS - 23 JUNE 2020

Hygienizing Hand Cleansing Gel

Hands are the parts of our body most subject to contact with germs and external agents; thus, it is fundamental to hygienize them correctly.

The new Bioline Jatò Hygienizing Hand Cleansing Gel is a product with a high concentration of alcohol (at 79% alcohol volume percentage) in full compliance with the official regulations, which suggest hydroalcoholic gels must contain at least 60% alcohol volume percentage in order to guarantee their hygienizing properties. Its gel-like texture makes it easily absorbed and it does not need to be rinsed; it also gives hands a softer touch and a feeling of immediate freshness to the skin. The formula is both fragrance and colour free.
The product is available in two sizes:

- 100 ml, handy and easy to use outdoors, in the office, on public transportation, and so on;
- 500 ml, suitable for use in beauty salons, in the office, and ideal for home use.

NEWS - 15 JUNE 2020

Coming soon

The skincare routine is a ritual that is also for men. This is why we have decided to take advantage of over 40 years of experience and devise a line of effective and multi-action products for men, distinguished by its desirable combination of active mineral ingredients.

Keep following us to find out more.




I am at home, like all of us. And it has to be like this.
In my mind many memories of the staff, of the distributors, of the skin therapists and of all the people that my family and I had the pleasure to have a relation with, during the past 40 years.

With all of you we share the values of sincerity, of respect, of cooperation and charity.
I keep on thinking with love and gratitude to the meetings, the seminars, the parties and the events that marked our professional lifes.

Over the last 15 years we have been discovering Italy and its infinite beauties together with everyone we had the honour to share our project with. Capri, Napels, Rome, Catania, The Dolomites, Florence, Lake Garda, Venice.
Today our beautiful Italy, together with the rest of the world, is fighting an invisible common enemy; therefore I believe we need to share a message of strenght and hope.

I take the inspiration from the message in the painting that Bioline Jatò dedicated to everyone to celebrate its 40th anniversary:

“When people, with their differences, come together they create a work of art.”

The team work is our magic.

Together we will manage to get through this difficult time.

See You soon

Clara Macchiella Corradini
Bioline Jatò Founder

NEWS - 20 JANUARY 2020

La forza e il sorriso Onlus

Since 2007, La forza e il sorriso Onlus, affiliated with the American Look Good Feel Better, organizes in Italy free beauty laboratories for women in cancer treatment. At Bioline Jatò we believe in beauty, as a balance between wellness and health and we are very pleased to support this project.
La forza e il sorriso Onlus works with 57 Italian hospitals/organizations, with a total of 500 volunteers. Since the beginning, it has completed 3.500 beauty laboratories, with 16.000 women.

Image © Elena Kloppenburg


New York: Bioline Jatò at 10 Corso Como

We are happy to be at the special holiday beauty pop-up of 10 Corso Como New York from November 14, 2019 until January 3, 2020.
Originally from Milan, 10 Corso Como is the premier luxury concept destination that blends fashion, design, art and lifestyle in a unique, carefully curated experience.

NEWS - 31 OCTOBER 2019

Bioline Jatò – 40th Anniversary

For 40 years we have been listening to the needs of your skin, which is unique, just like you. From the experience of continuous research, we draw the future of skincare. Come and share it with us. #abeautifulsecret


International Beauty Meeting Rome 2019

ROME, October 6-9 2019. We would like to thank our distributors and the 140 beauty experts who joined us, from all over the world, at the 2019 Bioline Jatò International Beauty Meeting. It was a real pleasure to share with you three days of priceless inspiration with trainings, new products and treatments presentations, team working, fun and cultural experiences.


Face Beauty Recharge

Face Beauty Recharge is an intensive path with an immediate action that reduces the look of skin aging signs, wrinkles and dull complexion. Exfoliating, lifting and volumizing, it is the perfect synergy of professional treatments and homecare products. Find out more about the promotion at your nearest Bioline Jatò beauty center.


Revitalize your skin

Summer can lead to skin water loss and brightness reduction. Bioline Jatò proposes two rebalancing solutions to restore the optimal level of hydration and to provide immediate nourishment: Aqua+ and Vita+. Ask your skincare specialist for more information on the promotion and for a personalised consulting.


See you at ISPA Conference & Expo 2019

We invite you to discover our brand, the exclusive Bioline Jatò® System working method, our new skincare products and opportunities at ISPA Conference & Expo - The Venetian Las Vegas.


WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 11 - 8:00-8:30 am
THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 12 - 9:00-9:30 am
FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 13 - 8:00-8:30 am


Bioline Jatò: an answer for every woman

strong and multifaceted, Bioline Jatò women know how to choose their own path and plan original routes, without forgetting about a hint of irony.
Bioline Jatò provides effective and integrated solutions that can be fully personalized, so that every woman can rediscover her beauty and wellbeing.

Verso Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2020 - Bioline Jatò Verso Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2020 - Bioline Jatò Verso Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2020 - Bioline Jatò

EVENTS - 21 MARCH 2019

See you at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2020

The 2019 Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna fair just got to the end: it’s been exciting to share with you the evolution of our brand and all our news. A big thank you to everyone!

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna - Bioline Jatò

EVENTS - 12 MARCH 2019

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2019

15-18 March, Hall 30 Booth A/14 and B/13

This year Bioline Jatò celebrates its 40th anniversary and, on the occasion of this milestone birthday, we chose Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna to launch our new brand image, firmly anchored in tradition while looking forward into the future. A new identity that upgrades the “graphic interface” of the Brand and at the same time confirms its strong features, like family business, being international and the quality of the products and treatments.

Bioline Jatò®System


Bioline Jatò®System

Bioline Jatò®System, the result of more than 40 years of experience, has been developed to satisfy the beauty needs of every skin type. This method is based on the perfect synergy among highly performant products, application protocols and exclusive massages.
Bioline Jatò, indeed, has the same commitment towards both the products’ formulas and the most functional working methods to value their effectiveness: application procedures and specific massages for every type of blemish allow our professionals to outline customized treatment strategies.

Training and Education / ISO Certificate - Bioline Jatò


Training and Education / ISO Certificate

The certified ISO 9001 educational program of SEA Superior ExpertBeauty Academy, the Bioline Jatò’s Academy, provides a professional training program to allow aestheticians to improve their technical and scientific skills, and a managerial program to allow them to better manage a beauty center/spa, with the aim of profit. The Bioline Jatò Beauty Expert is the sum of all these skills.

Cosmoprof Asia Cosmoprof Asia Cosmoprof Asia


Cosmoprof Asia

November, 14 – 16 in Hong Kong as exhibitors with our Booth No. = 3E-J2A.
We export into the world our idea of beauty. Since always our mission has been, indeed, to take care of the beauty of women and men from all over the world, with a touch of elegance and style that is so quintessentially Italian. This year also we were selected at the “Cosmoprof On Stage” for our EXFO-LIFTING BIOPEPTIDE TREATMENT, a revolutionary combination of concentrated actives for a multilevel lifting texture that donates brightness to the face.

International Beauty Meeting - Bioline Jatò International Beauty Meeting - Bioline Jatò International Beauty Meeting - Bioline Jatò


International Beauty Meeting

Jesolo, October, 7-10 2018. An annual appointment that gathers more than 100 Bioline Jatò Beauty Experts from all over the world for a 4-day full immersion!
The program, that combines trainings with leisure, offers the opportunity for the professionals to be updated and to exchange information and experiences with the colleagues from all over the world. There is indeed, an alternation between the training activities, which include product presentations, new treatments demonstrations, technical and marketing in-depth studies, and fun, relaxing and touristic activities.
The aim? Work in a team, generate new ideas, learn from each other, meet new people, build a community, share interests and have fun together!

Bioline Jatò, Gold Sponsor of the ISPA Conference & Expo Bioline Jatò, Gold Sponsor of the ISPA Conference & Expo Bioline Jatò, Gold Sponsor of the ISPA Conference & Expo


Bioline Jatò, Gold Sponsor of the ISPA Conference & Expo

We are proud to have celebrated, together with our collaborators, area managers and distributors, the excellence in beauty as Gold Sponsor of 2018 ISPA CONFERENCE & EXPO, the leading annual gathering of the worldwide spa community, held in Phoenix, from September 24 to 26.
As gold sponsor, we have offered the afternoon Energy Breaks and welcomed the guests with special giveaways. Furthermore, on Wednesday 26, we have offered the ISPA lunch and explained visitors our unique working Method.
This latter, in fact, includes a diagnosis system, safe and effective skincare products, professional treatments, unique application protocols and functional massage techniques, for a result-driven wellness experience.

Cosmoprof Bologna 2019 - Bioline Jatò


Cosmoprof Bologna 2019

A can’t-miss event, to share with beauty professionals and consumers the latest products and set new trends into the beauty world. We will be there with a brand new booth and image.
The protagonist will be the exclusive Bioline Jatò®System Method, which combines effectively highly performant products, application protocols and exclusive massages.
A particular attention will be given, during this edition, to the commitment of the company to develop strategies in support of the environmental sustainability, as well as the creation of safe formulas, able to preserve the purity and aesthetic effectiveness of the natural constituents.