Treatment Man Mineral Skincare

Precious minerals for a male ritual


with De-stress Mineral Massage | 45 min

A high-performance treatment to reduce the look of the signs of aging. Formulated for male skin, it regenerates and reduces the appearance of imperfections and shine, giving the face a younger, healthier and visibly toned appearance.
The exclusive De-stress Mineral Massage, in sinergy with the Bioline Jatò® System, favors the absorption of the active ingredients and promotes a destressing, oxygenating and soothing action.

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  • 01

    Phase 1

    Deeply purifies, evens out and brightens the complexion, promoting skin elasticity thanks to the detoxifying power of the minerals and the moisturizing action of the hyaluronic acid.

  • 02

    Phase 2

    The balanced mineral and vitamin content brings relief and instant freshness to the skin.

  • 03

    Phase 3

    A concentrate of energy and vitality that helps to minimize signs of stress and aging on the face.