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Superior ExpertBeauty Academy

SEA, the Bioline Jatò Academy, grown out from the experience in the beauty field, links the industry professionals with the needs of the labour market through a course of study developed thanks to the collaborations with research institutes and university lecturers. The educational path is structured in two macroareas and is organized in periods of the year according to the activities of the aesthetician. SEA is UNI EN ISO:9001 certified by IGQ.


A great opportunity to update and amplify the knowledge in scientific matters and its practice at an aesthetic level. In order to align the skills of the aesthetician to the demands of the current marketplace, from an international perspective, there have been inserted into the path topics linked to the image consulting and personal and make-up care, and also an english course specific for the beauty&wellness field.


There will be also considered in detail the essential issues for the management of a beauty center, like methods and tools of economic analysis, planning and business control techniques, techniques to improve customer satisfaction, personnel management, web and social in the aestehtics field, the method and the protocols for the business developement.

After passing both paths, professional and managerial, the qualification of SEA Beauty Expert professional&management is attained and the recognition Diploma and Plate are obtained.

Beauty Expert: what you learn

The Beauty Expert path provides new skills in the beauty field both from a professional and a managerial point of view. Besides considering the latest trends into the beauty field and the main techniques to operate according to a customer-oriented and marketing logic, also the use of the most important web marketing tools will be examined, in order to connect with the market and the clients. Furthermore, a management method of the beauty center will be analyzed and implemented and comunication and sales topics will be discussed.

Beauty Expert: to whom is interesting

The Beauty Expert path is addressed to aestheticians who want to get into the corporate world as a collaborator or as a management consultant, to those who aim to become teachers and to those who seek to operate indipendentely in beauty centers according to quality and success standards.

Beauty Expert: job opportunities

The job oppurtunities of the Beauty Expert path are several:

  • Beauty Center owner
  • SPA Technical Director
  • Technical Coordinator of beauty farm, beauty centers and SPAs
  • Qualified Teacher at professional schools of aesthetics
  • SPA Manager and PR
  • Beauty Consultant


Bioline Jatò® System and SEA Superior Expertbeauty Academy have fully met the requirements of the UNI EN ISO:9001 Standards with the aim to demonstrate the capacity to provide regularly services according to the agreed requirements and to the applicable cogent measures; increase customer satisfaction through an effective application of the Quality System, developing and implementing processes for an ongoing improvement; promoting the professionalism of the wellness industry specialists.

The IGQ certification is valid worldwide through the IQNet – International Certification Network.