A new philosophy
dedicated to self care

  • Man Mineral Skincare

    Precious minerals for a male ritual

    A high-performance treatment to reduce the look of the signs of aging.

  • 24.7 Naturalbalance

    Beauty Supplement

    A unique full immersion of vitamins, mineral salts and oxygenating elements sourced from fruits, plants and flowers.

  • Aqua+

    Source of Essential Hydration

    A harmonious water ritual: enveloping cosmetic formulas with hyaluronic acid concentrates, provide the skin with deep hydration, brightness and an instant fresh sensation.

  • Vita+

    Nourishment with wellbeing

    A revitalizing treatment that deeply nourishes dry, dull and devitalized skin. It boosts the lipid content, restoring compactness and elasticity through biotech collagen and precious vegetable oils.