De-Sense - Bioline Jatò

Treatment De-Sense Instant Relief

Instant Relief For Hypersensitive And Reactive Skin


with FBE – Draining Touch | 60 min

An ultra-delicate, soothing and protective treatment, which provides instant relief to reactive skin. Innovative biomimetic peptides improve the skin tolerability to external aggression. Betaglucan, vegetal oils and liquorice extract restore the hydro-lipidic film integrity, providing fresh brightness and radiance to the face.

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  • 01

    Phase 1

    Delicate gestures prepare the skin to the optimal absorption of the active ingredients.

  • 02

    Phase 2

    Highly restoring phase that intensely hydrates and reinforces the skin’s protective barrier. It offers an effective soothing, nourishing and emollient action.

  • 03

    Phase 3

    It restores freshness and luminosity to hypersensitive, reactive and weathered skin, offering emolliency, protection and evenness.

De-Sense Instant Relief

Products to be used at home to continue treatment

  • De-Sense Instant Relief

    Cc Cream Colour Corrector Pentapeptide

  • De-Sense Instant Relief

    Moisturizing Cream Tetrapeptide

  • De-Sense Instant Relief

    Nourishing Cream Tetrapeptide

  • De-Sense Instant Relief

    Sos Serum Tetrapeptide