Primaluce - Bioline Jatò

Treatment Primaluce Exfo&White

Awakens the brightness of the skin


with FBE and Caresse Massage | 60 min

An exclusive synergy of fruit acids exfoliates and renews the skin intensely, providing extraordinary brightness and an even complexion, visibly clearer and younger. Innovative peelings with different concentrations offer a targeted beauty action to prematurely aged, thickened, impure skin and skin with dark spots.

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  • 01

    Phase 1

    An exfoliating, illuminating and hydrating action that enhances skin renewal and reduces the look of the blemishes.

  • 02

    Phase 2

    A phase rich in soothing and hydrating actives that rebalance the epidermis, giving immediate comfort and wellbeing.

  • 03

    Phase 3

    An intense illuminating action with a restorative effect. The skin looks even and smooth.