MAN - Mineral Skincare
Multifunctional effectiveness
in one single routine.

Linea Man

a line designed for him

hydrates, regenerates

Men are increasingly attentive to the care of their body and skin. They are well-informed consumers, aware of their needs, looking for products formulated to provide effective answers to their main imperfections: signs of aging, shine, impurities, puffy eyes and dark circles, dehydrated skin, redness and irritation.

Thanks to an advanced technology, the trace elements – eternal and indestructible micromolecules – turn into fast-absorbing substances and become vital for men’s skincare, in helping it maintain a youthful look.

MAN - Mineral Skincare

Innovation and multifunctionality
in Men's cosmetics

All the Man products have been formulated to cover a wide range of needs simultaneously, guaranteeing a full treatment in one step, with just a few products. The guiding principle of the line is the ease of application and the effectiveness in reducing the most common blemishes, satisfying men’s habits and the unique physiological features of their skin.

Professional treatments

wellness rituals


Dedicated line

beauty routine


Face and body products

treatments for him and for her


Discover the Man line

Ultra-light, non-greasy, fast-absorbing and easy to apply textures; high tolerability and skin-friendly products; innovative complexes of high-performing active ingredients; these are the common elements that distinguish the Man line formulations.

Mineral Age
Professional treatment

High-performing to fight the signs of aging, it regenerates, purifies and gives the face a healthier and visibly toned appearance. Performed in synergy with the exclusive Bioline Jatò® System, a working method developed through over 40 years of experience, it ensures the best performance thanks also to the functional De-stress Mineral Massage, which is specially designed for men.

The Man line’s professional treatment has been designed to offer visible results in a short time and to therefore become an essential part of men’s beauty routine.


For him and for her

Discover all the solutions designed for a correct daily beauty routine.

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