A Beautiful Secret
The secret of beauty
for your skin


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The innovation of the cosmetic peeling

Primaluce Exforadiance boasts latest-generation active ingredients and innovative formulas that efficiently support the exfoliating, renovating and illuminating action.

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Woman, research, training and education

A Beautiful Secret

We reveal to the Bioline Jatò women a beauty secret created in 40 years of research, scientific innovation and training and education.

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  • Beauty Supplement

    A unique full immersion of vitamins, mineral salts and oxygenating elements sourced from fruits, plants and flowers.

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  • The Secret of a Timeless Skin

    The cutting-edge technology: a multi-correction treatment based on exclusive algae extracts and plant stem cells.

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  • Source of Essential Hydration

    A harmonious water ritual: enveloping cosmetic formulas with hyaluronic acid concentrates, provide the skin with deep hydration, brightness and an instant fresh sensation.

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  • Body Concept

    A wide range of treatments aimed to different body blemishes offers targeted, efficient and safe beauty solutions.

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Bioline Jatò

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  • The 2019 Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna fair

    The 2019 Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna fair just got to the end: it’s been exciting to share with you the evolution of our brand and all our news. A big thank you to everyone!

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  • The #CapturingBeauty project at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna

    With the #CapturingBeauty project, Bioline Jatò celebrates beauty as a symbol of uniqueness.

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