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The Bioline method,
the art of aesthetic treatment

Fine-tuned over the course of more than 40 years of experience in the field and developed to meet the beauty needs of all skin types, the Bioline Jatò®System method is based on the perfect synergy between highperformance products, application protocols and exclusive massages. Indeed, at Bioline Jatò the same diligence that is taken over the product formulations is also dedicated to defining more functional methods to increase effectiveness. Application methods and specific massages for every type of imperfection allow the professional to define customized treatment strategies.

Certified Method and Education

A new philosophy
dedicated to the self care

After establishing a professional beauty school in 1970, Clara Macchiella Corradini founded Bioline Jatò. Over the years and in her first-hand experiences, Clara eventually felt there was a need of highly performing skincare products. Therefore, in 1979, she decided to create Bioline with the aim of offering a working method based on the perfect synergy between products and professional treatments able to perform 100% customizable solutions. The exclusive manual gestures of the Bioline Jatò ® System are globally recognizable and represent a story of innovation qualifying, today as in the past, the relationship between aesthetician and consumer. In its training and education activities, the exclusive Bioline Jatò® System method has obtained the UNI EN ISO:9001 quality certificate.

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Professional accessories

For the beauty professionals available a whole range of Bioline Jatò customized accessories

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    Face Brushes

    Face and body brushes, bowls

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    Towel set

    Towels, headbands, mittens, slippers, bathrobes

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    Bed Cover

    Bed covers, bed sheets, carpets

  • Accessori - Bioline Jatò


    Uniforms and aprons