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Proceutic is the dermaceutical line formulated with advanced cosmetology for mature skin with deep wrinkles and for impure skin with breakouts.
Choose between The Agebiotic System and The Purity System treatments to suit your needs, for results that go above those of traditional aesthetics.


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Limited edition boxes

This year choose a special gift: the Bioline Jatò limited edition boxes include the perfect products to make you shine during the most magical time of the year. Choose the Dolce+ Soothing Moisturizing Cream and Nectar in Drops Intense Relief combination for a protected and more hydrated skin; or the Lifting Code Eye-Lip Cream Filling Lifting and Nourishing Cream Filling Effect kit for a lifted look and wow effect.

For more information, ask your beauty expert.
Available at participating stores only.

Body Concept - Bioline Jatò

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Body Concept Active Patch

A patch-treatment with an immediate action that visibly reduces the blemishes caused by cellulite and local adiposity. Gradual release up to 24 hours, fast visible results. Suitable for both men and women.

Vita+ - Bioline Jatò

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Vita+ Cold Cream Extreme Comfort

Barrier effect treatment formulated with a mix of vegetal oils. It ensures a nourishing action and creates a thin layer on the skin. Perfect in the hottest seasons to better face outdoor activities and is an essential shield during winter. A must-have in your bag.


Woman, research, training and education

A Beautiful Secret

We reveal to the Bioline Jatò women a beauty secret created in 40 years of research, scientific innovation and training and education.

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  • Beauty Supplement

    A unique full immersion of vitamins, mineral salts and oxygenating elements sourced from fruits, plants and flowers.

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  • The Secret of a Timeless Skin

    The cutting-edge technology: a multi-correction treatment based on exclusive algae extracts and plant stem cells.

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  • Source of Essential Hydration

    A harmonious water ritual: enveloping cosmetic formulas with hyaluronic acid concentrates, provide the skin with deep hydration, brightness and an instant fresh sensation.

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  • Body Concept

    A wide range of treatments aimed to different body blemishes offers targeted, efficient and safe beauty solutions.

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