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A beautiful secret
A Beautiful Secret UNVEILING SOON
L’evoluzione del marchio
About us We are an Italian family company working in the professional beauty industry since 1979. Founded in Trento as a school for aestheticians, we have evolved in an international skincare brand, with education and innovation as our pillars, and now distributed in more than 40 countries worldwide. We support beauty experts’ daily work with our exclusive Bioline Jatò®System working method, with safe and effective retail and professional products, a diagnosis system and professional treatments made of unique application protocols and massages.

From Trentino to the world:
the inspiration from the nature

The Trentino Alto Adige region and its uncontaminated nature have always inspired our scientific research.

Thanks to an environment-oriented approach and with the collaboration of biologists, chemists, cosmetologists and experts of the industry, we have developed effective, safe and valuable formulas, based on the use of natural active ingredients combined with the most advanced biotechnologies. This way we create products and beauty treatments for the wellbeing and health of the skin. A daily commitment that has brought us to break boundaries in order to take care of the beauty of the women and men around the world, with a touch of Italian style and elegance.


A secret made of

Quality, professionalism and a unique idea of beauty. This is the secret of the success of a brand that won over the beauty experts around the world.



  • Attitude

    The Bioline Jatò attitude
    behind women

  • Research

    The invisible science
    behind beauty

  • Education

    The Bioline Jatò know-how
    behind the products

Products and Treatments

We create targeted treatments that combine safe products with functional manouvres in order to satisfy the specific needs of every skin type and to offer effective and advanced results.