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13 April 2022

Meso-Fit – Intensive treatment cellulite and body fat*

Meso-Fit is the new Bioline Jatò intensive treatment targeted to the blemishes caused by cellulite and localized fat deposits that completes and enriches the Body Concept professional proposal.
It is characterized by the Brush Draining Massage, a functional massage developed by Bioline Jatò, and by three innovative Body Concept formulations that are at the core of this 4-step-treatment, which smooths, drains, reshapes and tones.
Meso-Fit is a practical treatment since it doesn’t involve the use of the shower and it is functional thanks to its immediate and progressive effectiveness. The results are visible from the first session with an increase of the skin’s compactness and elasticity and an immediate feeling of lightness, gaining a silhouette contour gradually reshaped.

*Blemishes caused by cellulite and localized fat deposits.