Details of Beauty - Bioline Jatò

Treatment Dolce+

Comfort for sensitive skin


with FBE and Caresse Massage | 60 min

A sweet well-being ritual. Blackcurrant and blueberry extracts with soothing virtues, calm and reinforce even the most sensitive and delicate skin, providing instant relief.

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  • 01

    Phase 1

    It improves the resistance of the skin against the external agents, giving it comfort, freshness and hydration.

  • 02

    Phase 2

    Shaping action with a wellbeing effect on face, neck and décolleté.

  • 03

    Phase 3

    It gives freshness and elasticity to the skin and ensures wellbeing and relief, offering the skin luminosity and compactness.


Products to be used at home to continue treatment

  • Dolce+

    Cream Soothing Moisturizing

  • Dolce+

    Cream Soothing Nourishing

  • Dolce+

    Mask Intense Relief

  • Dolce+

    Nectar in Drops Intense Relief