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1979 – 2019

Bioline Jatò’s
40th Anniversary


The faces of Beauty

From creating the first apple cream to consolidating a method based on the synergy between innovative formulas and exclusive treatments: Bioline Jatò sees in its forties by celebrating the multi-faceted feminine beauty that inspired its mission.

Beauty is not about perfection in terms of everyone looking the same, it takes on value in its uniqueness, and Bioline Jatò has always been committed to enhancing it through scientific research and cutting-edge methods. For this reason, to celebrate its first 40 years, the company has chosen to identify itself with the work “Un Popolo di Volti” (A Multitude of Faces) by the Italian artist Lome.

“Only with strong determination and genuine passion is it possible to realize your dreams”


1979 – 2019: the time has flown by since the beginning, but the passion is the same as the early days. Inspired by the unspoiled nature of the Dolomites, founder Clara Macchiella Corradini has created beauty solutions for every skin type over forty years. From the products to the method, to permanent professional training, with Bioline Jatò she has built a growth path always toward the future.

Today, as the company relies on its second-generation leadership, its values remain the same and are stronger than ever: research, expertise, professionalism and respect for nature, to develop increasingly effective and sustainable formulas and treatments.


Early days
Clara Macchiella is a passionate young woman, determined to change the face of professional aesthetics. After opening her own training school in Trento for the re-qualification of the esthetician, she is involved in creating a line of professional cosmetics for a spa. The project ultimately fails, but the spark has been lit. Clara draws on this experience and, with the intuition and enthusiasm of twenty-year-olds, creates her own line of innovative products. The debut takes place with the launch of the first pioneering apple cream that anticipates the use of fruit acids in cosmetics.


The method
Clara is joined by her husband Marco, who decides to leave his career as a journalist to guide company strategies together with her. The research is immediately developed around product lines designed to assist and optimize the effectiveness of professional treatments; some to be used in beauty salons, others to be used at home to maintain and improve the benefits achieved. By experimenting with precise steps, which are aimed at increasing the effectiveness of the formulas and maximizing the results, an exclusive professional method takes shape based on the synergies between innovative products and massage techniques.


Throughout the world
The particular style that the Corradini family brings to the company reflects its personality and regional location. Inspired by the beauty of the natural landscape of Trentino, the company philosophy is based on a culture of wellbeing that translates into deep and lasting personal relationships with its partners. The quality of the offering and the success of this approach leads the company to quickly establish itself, both in Italy and on foreign markets, and to export its vision throughout the world.


Research and training
Over time, sons Tommaso and Jacopo – hence the name Jatò, which becomes part of the brand – enter the company, bringing a substantial contribution to growth, by following a philosophy of diversification and alternation that soon yields results. The product lines are enhanced with new innovative formulas confirming the cutting-edge research capabilities; the application protocols of the method which is now recognized as the Bioline Jatò® System are consolidated, while a global dimension is established that leads the brand to have a presence in over 40 countries.


With the second generation in command, there is a new determination to grow and a passion for finding new products and protocols. Thanks to a widespread presence in Italy, growing international partnerships and continuous investment in the training, which has characterized it since the beginning, Bioline Jatò can look to the future with the same optimism as ever. Its ambition for the last forty years has been to make its dream of beauty come true all over the world.

Forty years of
your Beautiful Secret



The Faces of Beauty represents not only the “human” aspect of a company made up of people, but the goal that these people set for their customers every day. A multitude of faces is united by a common passion.

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